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Coming to America

In early 2023 BTI began helping Ukrainians find a home in the U.S. through the U4U program which is run by the Department of Homeland Security. As the search for sponsors to take people into their homes proved to be difficult, BTI founder Dave Kovalchick created an initiative to find jobs for these people before looking for a sponsor. Working with local businesses, Dave matched potential candidates with open opportunities. Having a job waiting for them made it easier to find sponsors and gave the Ukrainians peace of mind knowing they would be able to support themselves.

So far, 6 families have been successfully living in the U.S. through BTI and U4U. Their employers have given testimonials as they are proud, hard working people. They have adapted to the community and the American lifestyle. Some hope to stay long term and some look forward to eventually returning home. But for now, they are happy to be safe and secure.

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