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Rebuilding a home for the elderly

During his trip to Odessa in early 2024, BTI founder Dave Kovalchick discovered the House of Mercy, a home for elderly folks in need of support. The home suffered a severe plumbing issue which resulted in damage to 7 rooms. The residents were forced to move to a shelter which was in very poor condition.

For less than $1500 BTI was able to fund this project and in 4 weeks, the house was renovated and residents were able to move back to a comfortable home.

Dave was also informed that the House was in need of a freezer to keep perishable items. In Odessa, there was an organization that was providing fresh meat to places in need once per month. The House of Mercy had no choice but to turn down this offer due to lack of proper storage. With the purchase of the new freezer, the elderly will now have access to free meat for the coming future.

As the project completed, Dave used donation money to stock the community kitchen at the House to welcome to folks back home. Enough food was purchased to provide 12 residents with one month of food.

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