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Final day in Odessa, February 2024

On February 24, 2024 BTI founder Dave Kovalchick spent his last day in Odessa hosting a BBQ along with his friends from Denmark at Food for Ukraine. This gathering took place on the two year anniversary of the Russian invasion and was a great way to show the citizens of Ukraine our solidarity and our willingness to stand with their country through this time.

BTI also purchased gift cards for each of the 60 families in attendance for $40 dollars each, which was enough to feed each family for 6 weeks.

Dave had no idea that the families who were invited were also making this a sort of going away party for him and many families came to say their goodbyes.

We had games for kids as well as a private dining area just for the mothers who had a chance to receive the gift cards and some other food boxes they could take home to support the family.

Many of the children created some personal artwork for Dave in honor of his stay in Odessa. This girl below who was 7 years old created an amazing painting that really spoke to the moment. After assisting widows for 7 weeks, Dave was already impressed with the conviction and fortitude of the women of Odessa. They were raising children after losing husbands in the face of war. But they moved forward every day. These women are absolute warriors and are raising amazing children. They just need a little help, which BTI will continue to provide.

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